Learn English With Laurent Garnier Newsletter#1

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1 Greetings

Hi everybody!

As you maybe know (or not) I'm building a website about sciences languages and with a specific part concerning the natural language learning and more specifically how to learn English when you're not an English native speaker. So I hope you'll find some interesting materials there. But instead of waiting for the endless construction of my website I decided to create a weekly newsletter. So here it is.

Enjoy the reading!

2 Phonetics words of the week

2.1 Vowels

  • i:

    English 中文 Phonetics Example
    sEAt 座位 siːt Have a seat.
    clEAn 干净的 kliːn Please clean the room before leaving.
    rEAd riːd Read books in order to improve your vocabulary.
    grEEn 绿的 ɡriːn I like green tea.
    tEEn 十几岁的青少年 tiːn Among my students there is one teen.
    mEEt 碰到 miːt That's the first time I meet you.
    belIEve 相信 bɪˈliːv In America a lot of people believe in God.
    recEIve 接到 rɪˈsiːv Yes, I received the package yesterday.
    percEIve 意识到 pəˈsiːv I perceive some irony in your remark.


  1. 该 EA 如何 sEAt, clEAn, rEAd (小运动找别人3)
  2. 该 EE 如何 grEEn, tEEn, mEEt (小运动找别人3)
  3. 该 EI 和 IE 如何 belIEve, recEIve, percEIve (小运动找别人3)

3 Topic of the week

Do you know who is Jacque Fresco? You can have a quick overview in this YouTube video.

3.1 Little challenge

Try to summarize what you have understand about the work of Jacque Fresco using at least 5 lines.

4 Tips of the week

4.1 Good writing

If you haven't heard about that tool yet it's time to install this plug-in! It's called Grammarly and it's very useful. As the name says that's correcting your grammar errors (not all obviously) so it's really convinient.

4.2 Good pronunciation

Here is a really nice video with the text it is poem.

5 Feedback

This is the end of this first newsletter. I hope you enjoyed reading it. Any kind of feedback would be appreciate, if you have any suggestion feel free to leave a comment by answering to this email. If you know people that would be interested by this content, feel free to share it.

Have a nice day and see you next week.

Best regards,

Your language learning knight, Laurent Garnier

Author: Laurent Garnier

Created: 2017-10-30 Mon 15:30