Learn English With Laurent Garnier Newsletter#1

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1 Greetings

Hi everybody!

As you maybe know (or not) I'm building a website about sciences languages and with a specific part concerning the natural language learning and more specifically how to learn English when you're not an English native speaker. So I hope you'll find some interesting materials there. But instead of waiting for the endless construction of my website I decided to create a weekly newsletter. So here it is.

Enjoy the reading!

2 Phonetics words of the week

2.1 Vowels

  • i:

    English عربى Phonetics Example
    sEAt (في سيارة) مقعد siːt Have a seat.
          تفضل بالجلوس
    clEAn (not dirty) نظيف kliːn Please clean the room before leaving.
          يرجى تنظيف الغرفة قبل المغادرة.
    rEAd يقرأ riːd Read books in order to improve your vocabulary.
          قراءة الكتب من أجل تحسين المفردات الخاصة بك.
    grEEn أخضر ɡriːn I like green tea.
          أحب الشاي الأخضر
    tEEn مراهق، شاب يافع tiːn Among my student there is one teen.
          بين طلابي هناك واحد في سن المراهقة
    mEEt يقابل، يلتقي miːt That's the first time I meet you.
          هذه هي المرة الأولى التي ألتقي بكم
    belIEve يؤمن bɪˈliːv In America a lot of people believe in God.
          في أمريكا الكثير من الناس يؤمنون بالله
    recEIve استلم rɪˈsiːv Yes, I received the package yesterday.
          نعم، تلقيت الحزمة أمس
    percEIve يميّز pəˈsiːv I perceive some irony in your remark.
          أدرك بعض السخرية في ملاحظتك

يمكننا ملاحظة 3 مجموعات

  1. (ليتل إكسيرسيس: العثور على 3 آخرين) sEAt, clEAn, rEAd ذات ، عيْن EA أَلـ
  2. (ليتل إكسيرسيس: العثور على 3 آخرين) mEEt, tEEn, grEEn ذات ، عيْن EE أَلـ
  3. (ليتل إكسيرسيس: العثور على 3 آخرين) belIEve, recEIve, percEIve ذات ، عيْن IE و EI أَلـ

3 Topic of the week

Do you know who is Jacque Fresco? You can have a quick overview in this YouTube video.

3.1 Little challenge

Try to summarize what you have understand about the work of Jacque Fresco using at least 5 lines.

4 Tips of the week

4.1 Good writing

If you haven't heard about that tool yet it's time to install this plug-in! It's called Grammarly and it's very useful. As the name says that's correcting your grammar errors (not all obviously) so it's really convinient.

4.2 Good pronunciation

Here is a really nice video with the text it is poem.

5 Feedback

This is the end of this first newsletter. I hope you enjoyed reading it. Any kind of feedback would be appreciate, if you have any suggestion feel free to leave a comment by answering to this email. If you know people that would be interested by this content, feel free to share it.

Have a nice day and see you next week.

Best regards,

Your language learning knight, Laurent Garnier

Author: Laurent Garnier

Created: 2017-10-30 Mon 14:54